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Alocasia California

Alocasia California

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If you want an instant tropical impact in your rainforest themed garden that survives hard freezes and is easily dug up overwintered as a bulb/corm further north where the ground freezes, the "California" elephant ear is the plant for you.  Its also called dwarf elephant ear, which to me is a misnomer.  Although "California" has 15 inch leaves while the full sized varieties of alocasias can have leaves up to 5 feet wide, the clumping nature of this plant makes up for the lack in leaf size.  The trunks on mine are over a foot tall now despite harsh winters, and it prolifically produces offsets or "pups" at the base which can be propagated or left in place for a full and rounded look.

This plant ships as a full size plant about 2 feet tall

 Name Alocasia California
Mature Height Up to 6 feet tall, will vary on sunlight, soil and how big the area is for it to grow
Water Frequent watering, keep soil moist but not soggy
Sunlight Partial sunlight, can grow in shade too, not too much sun and not full sun
Soil Rich loamy soil
Indoor Growing Yes
Hardiness zone 9-12
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