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Crown of thorns Pink Cadillac

Crown of thorns Pink Cadillac

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This succulent shrub has a woody trunk covered in thorns and bright green foliage that grows on new stems and falls away as it matures. Clusters of bubblegum pink bell-shaped flowers appear spring through late summer. This shrub can grow up to three feet high. Use a well draining potting mix, place near a window that receives plenty of sunlight throughout the day, and water when the soil is completely dry. Fertilize once per month with a cactus fertilizer or half-strength houseplant fertilizer spring through late summer. These can be placed outside on a sunny patio during the summer months and brought back inside for winter.


 Name Crown of Thorns
Mature Height
12 - 36 inches
Water Requirements
Keep dry between waterings
Sun Requirements Bright indirect sunlight
Indoor growing

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