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Blue Pacific Shore Juniper 3 Gallon

Blue Pacific Shore Juniper 3 Gallon

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Juniperus Conferta, commonly called shore juniper, is a decumbent evergreen shrub that is native to certain sandy coastal areas of Japan and Sakhalin Island (Russia). It is a dense, low-spreading plant that grows 10-18” tall and spreads by creeping, branched stems over time to 6-8’ wide. It is noted for its attractive, aromatic, awl-shaped, blue-green foliage featuring spiny-pointed blue-green needles (to 5/8” long) in groups of three. Fleshy, blackish, berry-like seed cones acquire a silvery bloom at maturity.

This plant comes in a 3 gallon pot, shipping or local pickup available

 Name Blue Pacific Shore Juniper
Mature Height
up to 18 inches tall
Sunlight Full Sun
Water Water Regularly
Soil All purpose soil
Indoor Growing Yes
USDA Hardiness Zone 6-9
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