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Yucca Cane stump

Yucca Cane stump

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Yucca Cane Plant is a hardy, easy care indoor plant or small tree with strong architectural lines. Sword shaped leaves extend from long woody canes in tufts of leaves extending from the long bare canes. This is an interesting green living companion with lots of eye appeal.

Yucca is a very attractive, easy care indoor plant. The yucca plant has similar care needs to its relative, the Aloe plant This durable plant can take extreme temperature shifts. So large entry ways and other drafty areas don’t bother the Yucca. This plan t is easily grown indoors in a pot.

This plant is currently about 25-30 inches tall

 Common Name Yucca Cane
Scientific Name
Yucca elephantipes
Mature Height Up to 15 feet
Water Requirements Drought resistant plant. Water when soil is dry. Check it weekly. Yucca needs less water in low light.
Sun Requirements Bright Indirect Light
Indoor Growing
Grow zone
8-9 can survive freezes
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